The Oishi-m Story

    Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] design and produce limited edition garments that splash kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton to create funky unique baby clothing for newborn babies to busy little people (up to size 5-6yrs).

    Little people can vary in size, shape and growth rates so our garments are designed to accommodate these variances catering for both skinny minis and chubba bubbas. Rather than releasing product twice a year, we release our limited edition garments as we find beautiful fabrics.

    Our range of super funky baby skinny jeans and bottoms are indestructible. They come equipt with Oishi-m’s unique 'Tummy Toastie' (our version of an elastic waisted jean or bottom) to keep bub's tummy comfortably warm and covered, ample nappy bottom space (yes, even cloth nappies can fit) and cuffs that can be rolled up for shorties or kept long for the long beans. Our tops including shrugs and T's are versatile for layering and growth spurts.

    Uninspired and frustrated with the stock-standard frilly pinks and baby blues found on the High Street back in 2006, Oishi-m was born from a passion to create a fashion-forward childrens clothing line for infants and toddlers. Having become a mother herself, creative mastermind, fabric fiend and founder Fiona, saw the opportunity to combine her love of bespoke/hand made clothing with the fact that she had recently given birth to her yummy little daughter.

    This was the beginning of Oishi-m; Oishi = yummy in Japanese and m = for the mini one in your life.

    After a few years of dabling in garment construction and designs, Fi was juggling the beginnings of a business as well a young family. Miyo was at that stage studying marketing and was always in need of businesses for case studies and assignments. There was a spark and magic to what Fi had started that warranted unlocking and its compelling garments that were desperate to be shared and loved by more. It was at this early stage in 2009 that Miyo came on board to develop the business model and brand to let Fi create and focus on design.

    Over the years Oishi-m has hopped from one dining table to the another, then into spare rooms and garages. We would design, stocktake and fulfill orders between feeding and playing with our children.  In our more recent years we made the bold move to 'move out of home' and share a little office with another local brand emerging Bellroy (amazing wallets!) in Jan Juc and we took on our first staff members. This snowballed into our moving to our current home, in Gilbert St, Torquay. Where we now have our offices and gorgeous retail store filled with Oishi-m and other beautiful brands.

    We have a super team who have a passion for the product with the added flexility of working around family and life's adventures. Our products are sold and loved all over the world. Oishi-m is proudly designed in Torquay with the majority of our range made in Melbourne. A portion of our collection is also developed and crafted internationally. Allowing us to continually strive for innovation in children's garment design.

    Last of all we can't forget our product testing/model department who test fit and wearability, whilst on occasions turning it on for cameras (when they're not tired, well fed, clean, the sun's out and are willing to play dress-ups). It's rewarding to see our little ones aspire to work in 'Mum's Shop' one day. Thanks for reading our story.