20 Things About Oishi-m

1. We are 9 years old. 

2. We have produced 850+ styles in our years

3. Our website is on it's 4th version and it's constantly evolving.

4. Favourite teas; Milky Earl Grey Twinings or Revitalise Tea. 

5. Oishi-m has an incredible team of 20 of us, largely part-time/casuals and freelancers.

6  Doo Doo Pickle often gets mistaken for a ghost but really he's the dream catcher.

7. Before Miyo and Fi worked together on Oishi-m, Fi had made Miyo's wedding dress. 

8. Most of us have worked in the surf industry even being competitors in our respective roles. 

9. Our posties are Bob and Rayma and we use new technical language we have devised with them over time like 'santa sacks' and 'manifestering'.

10. We still get chuffed when people stop us at the playground asking where the beautiful clothes are from. 

11. We sometimes get mistaken for a sushi shop.

12. One of our gorgeous models use to accompany her mum into work and be our shop baby for her first few months of her life. 

13. In our first venture outside of our dining tables we shared an office with Bellroy an amazing local wallet business and had a system for labelling breastmilk (as apposed to other milk) in the shared fridge.

14. In our time we have welcomed 8 babies of team members with one more on the way. 

15. 'Birthday cake monitor' is a real responsibility on one of our job descriptions. 

16. Our office and shop is bursting with colours and we're often discussing the differences and similarities of 'Magenta' vs 'Rose of Sharon'.

17. If we're having a bad day we go to our Wall of Appreciation. Covered in positive feedback emails and certificates for initiatives we have supported. 

18. Between our team we have 35+ munchkins.

19. We have a desk which always has a big colouring in poster on it ready for any impulse colouring.

20. We believe we have the best customers - and some of our favourites are (prospective) Grandparents who visit the shop to declare 'we're pregnant!'.

Thanks to Babyberry Blog for prompting us to do this. It's a nice reflection of what we've achieved so far. To view the original post check out our instagram page.

Oishi-m staff and munchkins