Great Podcasts for Kids and Parents

There's a world out there of awesome podcasts for kids and adults, and here's our recommendations...

If you're heading away on a long drive to the coast, perhaps the snow, or to visit the relo's and looking for some stories or interesting things to listen to that stoke your curiosity, there's a whole world of podcasts out there. 

The new version of storytelling these days is audiobooks and podcasts, and there is a pandora's box of options to get stuck into. Pop in the earbuds or grab a set of headphones, and prepare to be transported to another world while you go about life in all it's glorious forms.

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Here's some podcasts to download for your kids:

Short and Curly (ABC) - an interesting conversational podcast exploring Ethics and the big questions like; How to make the best kind of friends, When is it ok to dob on someone, Should we ban lollies, Do you have to love your siblings...  

Wow in the world (NPR) - perfect for toddlers to kids, this podcast takes curious kids inside your brain, out into space and deep into science, tech and innovation. Told with incredulouness, through the eyes of curious learning and expressed in a beautifuly animated, energetic, exciting, easy to understand story for kids. Opens your mind to how education can be fun and packaged in an entertaining way.

Brains On (American Public Media) - a podcast that explains what boogers are, what makes paint stick, what's in water and other interesting science facts all packaged in a fun and entertaining podcast.

Fierce Girls (more for the older kids 5+, ABC). 15min stories of incredible women from spies, scientists, athletes and adventurers, narrated by some of Australia’s own incredible women... from learning about Edith Cowan who features on our $50 Australian note, to Cathy Freeman's story.

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For the adults out there, here are some of our favourite podcasts (note: Some of these may not be suitable for little ears to hear):

Serial (This American Life) - Serial blends investigative journalism with non-fiction storytelling and tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season. Warning: it’s seriously addictive. Leaves you fluctuating on either side of the fence as you listen to it. There's three different seasons to get your head around, as we have listened we flip and flop, unsure which side of the fence we're sitting on. But be warned, you'll be walking the dog multiple times per day (any excuse to listen to this highly addictive series!) 

The Teachers Pet - If you loved Serial you'll love Hedley Thomas by The Australian's unsolved murder of Lyn Dawson. New info and episodes are bubbling up from Sydney with this gripping story. 

Hello Bump and This Glorious Mess (Mamamia) - Both podcasts by the Mamamia network for those in the dark depths of parenthood. We love the honest and funny stories these guys share of the hilarious adventures that embody us as we become Mummies and Daddies.

Bang on (ABC) - What Miff Warhurst and Zan Rowe (legends from the ABC) are banging on about in art, music, life and stuff. 

Going Deeper:

Making Oprah (WBEZ Chicago) - a 6 episode journey that goes into Oprah landing her first daytime TV hosting role, to the milestones in her show that shaped her programming strategy of 'Live Your Best Life'. An inspiraitonal story about an iconic and inspirational media lady legend, Oprah.

Mamamia No Filter (Mamamia) - Remakable stories of remarkable people interviewed by Mia Freedman. Some notable interviews include; Kerri Anne Kennerley (our Aussie TV Personality legend), Jessica Rowe (debriefing her #craphousewife movement), Laura Brown (Aussie who is the Editor of Instyle Magazine in the US), and Jelena Dokic (the tennis star who battled incredible adversity during her sporting career).

Conversations (ABC) - another interview show, more serious and a little deeper, that interview amazingly remarkable people. So inspirational, heartfelt, honest and full of stories of amazing people. Some beautiful interviews with; Hillary Clinton (debriefing her recent US presidential campaign), Michael Doleman (a shipwreck survivor, man who lives in the forest, uni lecturer).

Revisionist History - a deeper podcast by Malcom Gladwell’s (author of Blink and The Tipping Point) journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood from; Why did fries taste better when we were children to; moments in history that have been game changing.

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If you've never done it before, here's a rundown on how to download podcasts:

Those new to Podcasts: Find the podcast app on your smartphone/ipod/ipad (if it’s not there already you’ll find it in the app store). Within the podcast app, search for what you’re looking for to download them for free. You can download individual episodes or subscribe to them if you love what you’re hearing. 

Good luck down the rabbit hole xoxo

From the Oishi-m team

P.S If you are after more suggestions, we have a great thread on our instagram page of some podcast recommendations from our community.