Winter 15 Behind the Scenes

Our Photoshoots are always a hoot! Believe it or not, we had a rainy day for the first time at our recent Winter 15 photoshoot! Shot at the beautiful Fisherman's Beach (Fisho's) in Torquay we had rain, tears, umbrella's and sand to contend with, along with our gorgeous munchkins ;)

Oishi-m Winter 15, Heirloom Crew Jumper

Keeping dry in the Heirloom Crew Jumper.

Oishi-m Winter 15, Doppleganga Chubba Jean Cuff

Sandy toes wearing the Doppleganga Chubba Jean

Oishi-m Winter 15, Symphony Legging with Style Bistro Shrug

Climbing in the Symphony Legging and Retreat Longsleeve T Shirt

Oishi-m Winter 15

Ditch and run to the next fun thing! Bruticus Track pants on top of the Everly Jacket.