Care Tips for Your Oishi-m

The nature of children's clothing is that it's worn to be played in, so it needs regular washing! We often get asked for our tips for doing the laundry so we thought we'd ask our Production Manger who also doubles as the Department Head of Laundry Advice, Garment and Fabric Testing and also dabbles as our Advisor on General Baking and Cooking Techniques; our very own in-house Domestic Goddess!

Here are her top recommendations of how to get the most out of your Oishi-m Garments;

Always read the care instructions before washing - Due to Oishi-m's unique and diverse fabrications our care instructions will vary from style to style so it's worth checking what the care instructions say for each individual piece.

Wash garments before wear - This is a good protocol to follow for any new garment. Especially sheets and underwear, need we say more.

Gentle cycle and cold wash - The higher the cycle speed the greater the agitation on clothing. If you're mostly washing on the cold cycle a good tip is to also run an empty warm/hot wash with detergent every so often to remove any scum or build up in your washing machine.

Hand wash delicate items or put them on ‘delicate’ cycle with low spin’ in a lingerie bag - a lingerie bag is must have for any household, great for; delicates, tutu's, bra's and even velcro items, just not in there all at once :).

Front Loaders are friendlier on clothing - Front loaders use gravity to cycle and wash your laundry where as top loader have a central "agitator". Front Loaders are also traditionally known to consume less water, though take longer to run. One massive benefit to the top loader is being able to throw a few extra items in after the load has started. Here's a great summary from choice about the pros and cons of front loaders and top loaders here.

Wash like colours together – We like to break our washing into lights/whites, colours, darks. This mitigates any risk of any colour run/transfer particularly from any new clothing (regardless of the brand) as white garments can become a magnet for any residue colour. Towels are another category that requires washing by itself, because it can be a sure way to fluff or lint up whatever goes in with it.

Wash dark colours separately - There's nothing like a new pair of Mummy jeans transferring colour onto little one's new T shirt. Though the hipster denim fiend (generally adults with no children) are adamant that denim should rarely be washed to preserve the colour and fit. Apparently the freezer is the option - yes true! In regards to Oishi-m denim wash with other like colours.

Turn garments inside out

Line dry in the shade inside out

You can add a cap full of vinegar (about 10-15ml) to help maintain colourfastness - Adding at the beginning of the cycle enables better colourfastness.

Always spot clean any stains – do not soak in bleach as this can create spots of discolouration. Cold water is best option, using warm or hot water will more likely set a stain, dab gently and never apply force. Salt can be used to leach out some stains and lemon juice has also proven to be a useful stain remover. Rinse in cold water and then wash as soon as possible so the stains do not set.

Use a wool wash or eco friendly laundry detergent – they have less brighteners/bleach and will assist in maintaining the original colour.

Hang washing out straight away – do not leave wet washing sitting in the machine/or the laundry basket as this may result in colour transfer

Do not tumble dry – your garments WILL shrink

If in doubt, always hand wash - unless it says Dry Clean Only.

Do not wash with bibs or any item that has Velcro – this will destroy knits/delicate fabrics. When washing items that have velcro, make sure the velcro tabs are attached together to minimise latching onto an unsuspecting garment.

Always hang garments from the hem - Upside down for bottoms, as this helps to maintain shape and the garments will dry faster as the thicker part of the garment is free to blow in the wind. (e.g garments with tummy toasties). T Shirts from under the arms. Never peg in the middle of the garment.

To geek out on more laundry tips and detergent reviews is a great resource.