Cute Funky Kids Clothing Designed With Room to Grow

Oishi-m is designed for playing, jumping and exploring the world. We design our funky kids clothes to get the most out of them. Our good quality garments splash amazing fabrics together to create funky, unique, clothes for children 3 months to 8 years old. Little people and toddlers can vary in size, shape and growth rates so our Torquay designed (and mostly Australian made) children's clothing accommodate these variances catering for both Skinny Mini's and the Chubba Bubba’s.

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Whether it be expandable necklines, rollable cuffs, stretchy waistbands or double-breasted buttons, we try to accommodate lengthening limbs and expanding tummies. Our Crew Jumpers have inset panels which allow stretch in areas of movement and easy entry into the garment, and all of our bottoms allow room for nappies in smaller sizes. 

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The Oishi-m Hoodie, Jacket and Shrug were designed for easy wrapping around a little person, whether it be on the change table, or on the go. No struggle, no pulling over a melon head and it doesn’t take two adults and a mountain of co-ordination. Double-breasted buttons provide longevity around the tummy and cuffs can be rolled up or down as they grow.

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We live in the outdoors and have a great appreciation for the environment. We focus on manufacturing garments that are made from natural fibres which are longlasting and durable to suit the four seasons. Designed for layering, our longline bodies are perfect for accommodating growth spurts, lasting well beyond the season of it's purchase.

Check out this clip above which shows the lifespan of our 2-3 size! In each of the examples our models range from 13 months old to 4 years & 7 months old, and all are wearing the same size 2-3 year old outfit! This is a great example of our commitment to produce the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Oishi-m garments are designed for functionality and comfort, designed to endure hand-me-downs, and give each wearer a lasting, positive experience.

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