Cute Funky Unisex Clothes for Growing Children

Oishi-m produces the opposite of fast throwaway fashion. Our quirky, colourful garments are designed for functionality & comfort, generating comments wherever our children adventure & play. Designed to endure hand-me-downs, giving each wearer a lasting, positive experience, we cater to children from 3mths to 8yrs old.

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We strive to provide a diverse range of colours and styles for babies, toddlers and children, without restriction or prejudice, offering clothes that are comfortable, stylish and practical and able to be worn by all kids. From rainbows to space candy, florals to abstract art, stripes and spots to traditional Japanese patterns, we celebrate the beauty of today’s world, where anything goes and all the colours are for all the kids. We love producing colourful clothes for adventurous children so they can wear what they want and be who they want to be.

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Funky, cute, adaptable kids fashion is what our brand does best, presenting exceptionally cool colours, contrasts and patterns, often with unisex and gender neutral quirky playfulness, to customers who recognise the value of longevity, versatility and uniqueness. We proudly celebrate children’s unique personalities, and love it when they make their own choices and therefore love wearing it, before passing their pieces on to younger siblings; collectible heirlooms are created and the true value of quality hand-me-downs emerges.

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So whether you’re shopping for your first child (gender as yet unknown), or creating a wardrobe that can be worn by future siblings, nieces or nephews, the benefits of choosing gender neutral unisex clothing, (combined with Oishi-m features that allow pieces to grow with your child), makes sense all round, economically and environmentally, and allows kids to express themselves freely. 

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Explore our current collection of unisex styles with our 'unisex' filter on our What's New page or visit our beautiful Torquay store, packed with products we have designed and developed and sourced for the brightest little munchkins. Got a question? Call us on 0352 616738.