Design Insights - Creating Oishi-m Spring '17

Wow! What a positive response we've had to our Spring '17 release! Thanks to all our customers who have supported the new collection, and especially to those that have shared pics on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Some of our fave moments are when customers bring their lil' munchkins back to visit, dressed in their new outfits or excited to pop in and see Oishi-m pieces in real life. 

We also love sharing the 'making of' our collections with you... Thanks to the popularity of our new shapes in the Winter Break range, we released some new colourways this season; they included the denim Pinafore, Pullover and Slouchy Pants. We even launched Hoodies up to size 7-8yrs now, (without Doo Doo Pickle badges to evolve the style for bigger kids), thanks to overwhelming customer feedback for bigger sizes! We had a new surprise for you too, with the release of our Splice T Shirt shape that's been in development during 2017. The above pic shows the development of the handdrawn artwork that was conceived for the new Crystal Castle SS Splice T Shirt, and the beauty of the process of selecting colours from the palette. 

Check out some of these behind the scenes images to get another look inside the world of Oishi-m..   

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Spring 17 range

Colour swatches and yardage strike-off's colour our world. Fabrics are more appealling than a lolly shop to us, with their delectable colours to immerse ourselves in. Some people are addicted to sweets, others to stationery; we choose Pantone books and colour swatches to get our kicks! You can see above the SP17 Assortment with drawings of the girls tops, like Pico Pico SS T Shirt flanked by the hydrangea fabric strike-off and fancy picot sleeve trim for approval by our production team. Or the Playtime LS T Shirt with the beautiful birdy floral fabric.. And the immensely beautiful peacock yardage that we approved to create the Peacock Splice SS T Shirt, in all it's watercolour vibrancy!

Oishi-m crystal splice T, peacock splice T, rainbow slouchy, torquay designer fashion

Crystal Castle SS Splice T Shirt and Peacock SS Splice T Shirt, pictured here with Rainbow Slouchy Pant on our fit mannequins (who we call the 'Alvins'!). Fit testing happens constantly throughout the process of designing each range, especially when we are preparing to introduce a brand new silhouette to our collection of funky, unique garments. On occasion, our little one's pop into work with their mums to try on new styles and the production team takes measurements 'on the body' across our entire size range. The 'Alvins' are reallllly easy to work with and never need a wee stop or something to eat every 10 minutes ;)

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Spring 17 range 

We create Outfitter Pages which appear in our Shop The Look tab online, which is often a fast and effective way for our customers to complete a purchase of their fave gear. It's sometimes available to view ahead of the official release time, and provides an opportunity to view the collection prior to it going live to map out your shopping list. In this flat lay, Sabre Tooth Crew Jumper, Speedfast Shortsleeve T Shirt and Jungle Fever Short are a match made in heaven with Nike sneakers. 

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Spring 17 range, Spring '17 Behind The Scenes, Oishi-m Design Insights Designing Spring '17

David our Flat Shoot Photographer and Videographer using the his colourchecker card which ensures that the colours in our website flatshots are accurate. We aim to create the most comprehensive package as possible to enable our customers to make the most informed decisions on their purchases, regarding colour, size, fit and suitability for their munchkins. Images and videos are used across the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as our lifestyle and flatlay shots that appear on and also on our in-store TV in Torquay.

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Spring 17 range, Alchemy Legging 

The Alchemy Legging and Illusion SS T Shirt artwork was created in-house by our designer, who referenced stalagmites and stalactites as her inspo. This pic shows you the evolution of this style; from the original monochrome painting on paper, to the repeat art pattern that was created on the computer in the blue shadow colourway. The tech drawing on screen shows the finished product with specifications for fabrics in each panel, like the orangeade/mocha microstripe cuffs and bottom panel, and the minty blue Tummy Toastie. The result is a made up garment showing our own modern hand designed crystal cave artwork, ready to be QC'd by the team and sent off for photoshoot on location and flat lays for the website.   

We hope you've enjoyed this instalment of what goes on behind the scenes at our office, and we look forward to bringing you more Design Insights in future. Head on over to now to see the Spring '17 range come to life, or pop into our Torquay store in the arcade to get your hands on these new goodies.