Design Insights - Creating Oishi-m Spring '18

Welcome to our world, where colour is king! At Oishi-m HQ our shelves look like a lolly shop of delectable delights and our walls are adorned with fabric cuttings, trims and embellishments. There are always multiple future season samples hanging in the Design area being measured on mannequins and wash tested for colour fastness, durability, fit and function. We love welcoming the postie or courier as they deliver packages full of fabric options to our design HQ, ripping them open to see what's new from our glorious fabric suppliers. It's amazing what we can create from a huge variety of prints, textures, yardages and solid colours, as we have the freedom to mix n' match and unleash our creativity with Oishi-m garments.

We live and breath the joy of creating unique children's clothing in Torquay, Victoria, and ship lovingly all over the world. 

tapestry artwork fabric swatches design details inspiration bright colours, Design Insights Creating Oishi-m Spring '18 range collection, award winning kids clothing brandFabric swatches make our hearts beat faster with excitement! Our desks and pinboards are a fabric lover's dream, representing our love of mixing contemporary styling with a vintage infusion, using fresh unpredictable colours, styles and prints. It's fun and loud and filled with energy and intrigue, just like the newborn babies and busy munchkins who wear our garments. Check out this cute Doo Doo Pickle needlework tapestry that takes pride of place amongst our collections.

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Oishi-m is such a unique and iconic Australian children's brand, and we always love creating our own quirky yardages for our limited edition garments. Referencing a game of physical and mental skill, 'pick up sticks' is a childhood favourite game that requires patience. Line up your wooden sticks, straws or matches to create patterns galore, like we did for the City Lights Pullover and Pickupsticks Slouchy Pant. We find inspo everywhere! 

Paintbox T Dress, coloured pencils pens art inspiration inspo, designer details, eye for fashion, creating unique pieces, we love colour colourful things, smoothie bowl, Design Insights Creating Oishi-m Spring '18, girls dress pink yellow aqua

Our Paintbox T Dress is the stunning result of the application of our handpainted artwork, designed in-house by our talented Oishi-m design team. Playful and all about colour, our painterly-inspired specialty artwork splashes vibrant colours in a large scale print on a moonstone pink base. Bursting with personality and good vibes, the colours include bananarama, atlantis green and bubblegum pink, and there's nothing better than getting back to basics to paint an original. Through the magic of technology, we then create a repeat yardage and play with the scale before having the fabric screenprinted and made into garments like this T Dress and the Mermaids Tale SS Splice T Shirt

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The colours of our yardages are incredible and share the love of Oishi-m's magical DNA. It's no mistake that this one is a homage to the magic of springtime in Japan... Nothing less than magical, the country's iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) capture the attention of visitors and locals as their beautiful pink flowers blanket the country in soft, colourful splendour. Featuring a delicate floral print on a moonstone pink base, we've used this floral for our Very Cherry SS T Shirt, Walkinthepark Legging and also the cuffs of this season's Nara Hoodie. Peter Cromer's 'Druids' oversee the fabric approval process... 

laptop work station mobile workplace, fabric swatch samples, playon crayons for little kids hands, colouring colours brights artwork art, chips snacks yummy, Oishi-m Wriggly Shortsleeve T Shirt Tee, approval strike off, Creating Oishi-m Spring '18

Mmmmm a late arvo snack of turmeric and cheese chippies is just what we love ;) We find inspiration everywhere, foods are not only delicious but bright and appealing when translated to a colour palette on clothing. Even the Playon Crayon's are on point, referencing the print colours of the Wriggly SS T Shirt.

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We're pretty fanatical about the details, right down to the layout of flatlay pics that precisely represent the actual colours of our beautiful garments. We utilise a 'Colour Checker' for photoshoots, so we can quickly and easily capture accurate colour to show you our products online. Above, our Nara Hoodie, Very Cherry T Shirt and Arraybia Skirt get the royal treatment so it's best represented on screen. This is where the best runway action happens!

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Colour checking continues with the Ko Hoodie, Wriggly SS T Shirt and Anaconda Legging. 'Outfitter' shots are flatays that we publish for our social media pages, and they allow us to mix n ' match with other brands we carry, like Onitsuka Tiger footwear, the perfect complement to spring living.

We hope you've enjoyed this instalment of what goes on behind the scenes at our office. We are so excited to have this new collection in our shop in Torquay Village. Come in and see us in our new digs or pop online to welcome the Spring '18 range into your home.