Design Insights - Creating Oishi-m Summer '17

Do you ever wonder, "what was the inspo for a particular print, colourway or pattern", and... "why does it make my heart flutter so much when I see it on my kids, or on the washing line, online, on stranger's children at the shopping centre or the zoo, or even on TV"?! We like to think there's something pretty special about Oishi-m, an 'X factor'... something that's hard to put your finger on, but it's the sum of all parts that makes our pieces shine. 

We hope that by taking you behind the scenes to share the 'making of' our collections with you helps you feel an even greater connection with the stories behind Oishi-m clothes, and a connectedness to the amazing community that has been created. We believe in kids being kids, living a life unplugged, where imagination and self expression runs free. Fabrics and colour speak to us in the same way as paints do to a child, and we aim to produce fun and quirky pieces that are like wearable art canvases. The above pic shows the development of the new Jumping Gelati Crew Jumper, and the beauty of the process of selecting colours from a limitless palette. 

Check out some of these behind the scenes images to get another look inside the world of Oishi-m..    

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Creating Summer 17 range

Our newest silhouette with vibrant citrus colours, and cooling tones of mint, blue and grey marle. The Fly Away SS Splice T Shirt artwork was created in-house by our designer, who referenced summer sunsets and the cacophany of birdlife at sunset by the water as her inspo. This pic shows you the evolution of this style, starting with the Pantone colour reference charts that colour our world. The end result is the completed T, ready to be worn by your lil' munchkin (and celebrated for it's uniqueness and vibrancy out in the big, wide world). 

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Design Insights Creating Summer 17 range, Niji Legging, Rikka SS T Shirt

The colourful world of our 'command centre' at HQ is filled with stations like this; every product that we design in Torquay goes through a fabulous journey before it lands in our store, and ultimately your world! Here's some of the steps involved in creating this season's Niji Legging, whose name references the Japanese word meaning 'rainbow'. We love being able to handpaint original art, like this magnolia pattern, and see it come to life in this glorious periwinkle colour in our finished product. We chose this beautiful 'niji' fabric for the contrast panels and see it as a reminder to celebrate fleeting moments, big or small, as they appear in life. You can also enjoy thie magnolia fabric in the Rikka SS T Shirt.   

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories And Toys, Summer 17 range, Design Insights - Creating Oishi-m Summer 17, Behind The Scenes

We create Outfitter Pages which appear in our Shop The Look tab online, which is often a fast and effective way for our customers to complete a purchase of their fave gear. It's sometimes available to view ahead of the official release time, and provides an opportunity to view the collection prior to it going live to map out your shopping list. In this flat lay, our products are all Australian made, including the Magnatron SS T Shirt and Esky Short. This T is another great example of our own artwork, created using the potato stamp technique to achieve a great effect in colours like red clay, pool blue and mood indigo - a match made in heaven with denim and Onitsuka Tiger trainers.

Oishi-m Natalie Martin, watercolour, artist, Torquay, Diamond Dusk T Dress, Treasure Trove Legging, kids fashion

This season we also a beautiful artist collaboration with local Torquay Artist Natalie Martin. She painted her beauitful waterpainting yardage for the Diamond Dusk T Dress and the Treasure Trove Leggings whilst on a surf holiday travelling through Mexico. Read more about the collaboration in this blog post. 

We hope you've enjoyed this instalment of what goes on behind the scenes at our office, and we look forward to bringing you more Design Insights in future. Head on over to now to see the Summer '17 range come to life, or pop into our Torquay store in the arcade to get your hands on these new goodies.