Design Insights - Easy Layering

Oishi-m is designed for easy layering and ease of dressing... Children are hot, then they're cold, some like wearing barely a thread on them, even if it's single digit temperatues. Oishi-m has been designed for crazy Japanese style mix-and-matching of colours that even a toddler can style and pull off. 

Pieces like our Shrugs, Hoodies and Jackets were designed for easy wrapping around a little person. Whether it be on the change table, or on the go. No struggle, no pulling over a melon head and it doesn’t take two adults and a mountain of coordination. 

Our gorgeous A-line style Dresses feature a cleverly designed expandable neck, double button and peekaboo fabric overlay - all to accommodate ease of dressing and growing bodies. They can be worn year-round when layered with our Long Sleeve T Shirts and Leggings. Oishi-m Skirts are also perfect to layer up in transeasonal months, maximising the long-term wearability of our pieces. 

Designed by parents for small people, we like to think we have comfort and ease of laying at front of mind.

To check out our full range of versatile garments, head over to or visit our Torquay store

Oishi-m Kids Fashion, Childrens Clothing Store Torquay

We maximise the long term wearability of our garments, and make them easy to layer with other pieces. The Soul Sister Hoodie has double-breasted buttons, rollable cuffs and now our Hoodies have a longer body for long beans! 

Oishi-m Kids Fashion, Childrens Clothing Store Torquay

Hands up if dressing your munchkin is like trying to stuff an octopus into a meshbag?! Oishi-m to the rescue, with happier kids AND parents at dressing times.. Wonderful Wylie Hoodie, Oh Man Legging and Micky P Legging will make dressing a breeze, while the ease of slipping Native Shoes on/off your little Mr or Miss make them the perfect choice for tootsies!

Oishi-m Kids Fashion, Childrens Clothing Store Torquay

Our gorgeous A-line style dress is ideal for any season; beat the heat on hot days with Saltwater Sandals to feel breezy, or layer up on cooler days with a long sleeve tee like Maiden Tokyo L/S T Shirt with a Hoodie or Jacket, Leggings and Boots in inclement weather. Featured here is the Cherry Dress, while stocks last.

Oishi-m Kids Fashion, Childrens Clothing Store Torquay

Stealth L/S T Shirt, Archer Hug Shrug and Buenos Harem Pant = pure, joyous, layering comfort.