Oishi-m Nappy Friendly Bottoms

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and so too their nappies, or diapers, if you prefer. Dealing with a whopping big nappy around the bottom needs a different approach than simply shrinking an adult's product down to size. Compatible with modern cloth nappies or disposable versions, we like to think tooshes look pretty cute in our Oishi-m designed bottoms perfectly designed to fit them. Our sizes 3-6 months to 2-3 years are all especially designed for nappy bottoms for maximum ease when dressing squirmy toddlers and babies.

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Flexibility and comfort is paramount with everything we design. We source incredibly soft, stretchy and comfortable fabrics for our bottoms, and select the most beautiful contrasting fabrics for our unique bottom panels. Featuring double lining in the bottom area for durability, we use this fantastic design feature in all of our baby and toddler Jeans, Track Pants, Harem Pants and Leggings, and you can check out all the current styles here

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Easy on, easy off, all our garments are designed to fit over cloth and disposable nappies, just like we've shown above with the Thankyou Baby nappy. A bottom that is covering a little toosh requires a little more room whether it be a modern cloth nappy or a disposable nappy so our purpose designed styles from 3-6mths to 2-3yrs have been designed with a little extra space for these puppies.

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Tooshes look so cute in Oishi-m! Ideal for toilet training, our Leggings, Harems, Jeans, Track Pants and Skirts encourage independent toileting as they're easy to pull up and down (kinder teachers, carers and parents love them too as they are so stretchy).   

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Our Harem Pants have a relaxed fit especially designed for roominess, with all the comfort of track pants and the style of jeans...

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...and our skirts even have built-in knickers to cover a nappy when they're little, perfect for little crawlers, or underwear when they get bigger! Our products allow kids to be kids... dream on, use your imagination, and explore the world little one's. We've got you covered.

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Shop our Bottoms Collection here to see all our garments with ample room for nappy bottoms, or visit our Torquay store for friendly advice on the features and benefits of our cool funky babies and toddlers clothing. 

To learn more about how Oishi-m Grows With Your Children, head on over to this discover post.