Designed and Made In Australia

Oishi-m is a Torquay based children's clothing brand infusing limited edition garments with quirky comfortable styling. But did you know that Oishi-m is proudly designed in Torquay, Victoria, and most of our garments are made locally too? 

The majority of our range of funky, unique children's clothing is made in Australia, just over an hour away in Melbourne. Having our cool kids clothing made just down the highway enables us to act quickly and be agile to move with product development, and capitalise on producing styles that are working for our customers. We are proud to display our Australian Made swingtags, helping customers to identify all our Melbourne made kidswear products.

For some of our more complicated or intricate products we're fortunate to have some amazing relationships with world-class makers overseas in China, who we visit in ther factories regularly.
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Our designs start with the needs of little people and mash up different fabrics to create interesting pieces that not only look great, but are comfortable. Little people can vary in size, shape and growth rates so our Oishi-m garments accommodate these variances catering for both Skinny Mini's and the Chubba Bubba’s. 
We produce the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Our Oishi-m babies, toddlers and childrens clothing is designed for functionality and comfort, designed to endure hand-me-downs, and give each wearer a lasting, positive experience. Oishi-m garments always seem to generate comments, and questions like 'where did you get that?' wherever we adventure and play. It's always a buzz to see our Aussie owned brand out in 'the wild' on gorgeous kids.
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Spawned from the amazing talent out of the local surf industry in Torquay we're a business run (largely) by parents tailoring our quirky garments for small people. We have a website ( that ships our Oishi-m brand of clothing all over the world and our beautiful store is full to the brim with beautiful children's products, from keepsakes and bedding, to toys, books, accessories and street ready footwear.

By designing and manufacturing locally, we are able to make some of the best products in the world, and by buying our goods, you're supporting local jobs and our economy. Thanks for supporting our mostly Australian Made childrens clothing brand, Oishi-m.

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We also showcase other local brands online and instore such as wholly-Aussie product, Uimi Blankets. We stock all of the following brands that are designed in Australia; Kip & Co bright beautiful bedding, Miann & Co hand crocheted softies, O.B. Designs Ripple Blankets, Make Me Iconic gifts for locals and tourists alike, and handcrafted Emu suede ugg boots with Australian Merino wool.  

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Where possible, we also employ local artists to fulfil design briefs, resulting in unique yardages and art like the scene on this garment. This is one of the most exciting parts of the design process, and our customers love learning about the origins of our designs. You can learn more about this process in our seasonal Behind The Scenes blog posts that share many design insights.

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If supporting local is really important to you, check out the feature on the left side of our website that allows you to filter by “Designed in Australia” and / or “Made in Australia”. There you'll find our beautiful Melbourne-made products like the Shrugs, T Shirts and Skirts above, and more all-Australian treasures.

Thanks for your ongoing support; you are supporting local employment, economic development and prosperity. When you buy Australian-designed and made products, you can be sure you are keeping Aussie's employed. Pop in and see us at our Torquay store, or shop online 24/7.