Oishi-m Goodness for Dandelion Support Network

At Oishi-m we are big believers in acts of kindness, love and giving. We are so lucky and fortunate to work and live in cirumstances where our own children can be comfortable and have adventures in new Oishi-m Threads. Unfortunately, some Mum's and Dad's are not so lucky and struggle to even get the bare necessities for their munchkins due to circumstances out of their control.

While preparing for our sales events, we realised that we had so many fun pieces of Oishi-m in our warehouse just waiting to go on new adventures that it didn't seem right to leave them there boxed up after we'd finished with our cleansing sales. It was as if these garments told us that they didn't want to get packed up and stored away for our next sale (whenever that would be) and instead  wanted to be splashed with fresh mud or have their pockets filled with gritty sand and treasures. So, we decided to share the love and give some Oishi-m loving to some children in need.

We have decided to support two organisations that are close to our hearts the Dandelion Support Network in Sydney and Geelong Mums. These organisations help families in need through support, care and assistance. Their amazing group of volunteers sort, clean and safety check pre-loved children's nursery equipment and clothes. They then work directly with social agencies and hospitals to distribute the donated goods to families in need across Sydney and Geelong. 

Dandelion Support Network Oishi-m Donation

Most recently we dropped off some boxes of Oishi-m love to the Dandelion Support Network visit them at their Sydney warehouse, we loved that they thoughtfully sort all of the clothes donated into packs with a week’s worth of clothes for little munchkins and made nappy bags up with everything a new parent or guardian could need. These volunteers and the many devoted supportors are seriously cool and we hope we have made a small difference to some special little people.

If you would like to donate or support the Dandelion Support Network, you can find out how to here

Dandelion Support Network Sydney Donation Oishi-m