Introducing Doo Doo Pickles & Bibs

Introducing to you Maeve and Jack, the first of our limited edition Doo Doo Pickles.

Drum roll please! The biggest must-haves of the season are here, perfect for lil' munchkins christmas stockings, or to enjoy immediately! Just like you and I, Doo Doo Pickles have their own unique personalities, and you'll love getting to know these little critters. Our Reversible Bibs Packs will add flavour to any cool outfit, whilst 'saving' your glorious Oishi-m clothes from meal time mishaps.

Doo Doo Pickle Jack and Maeve Reversible Bibs

Zimmi Reversible 2 Pack Bibs (left) and Nala Reversible 2 Pack Bibs (right)  meets the super soft plush collectible Maeve Doo Doo Pickle or Jack Doo Doo Pickle.

All items are super limited edition, so run don't walk. Jack, Maeve and the Reversible Bibs are available to purchase here.