Easter Giving from Oishi-m

We'd love to take time this Easter to say thanks, as it's been another very busy and productive time at Oishi-m with us moving our office and shop to a brand new location in Torquay. Whilst many of us think of choccy eggs and fluffy bunny rabbits, (and the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach if you're in our hometown), Easter is a good time to stop and reflect on the bigger picture. Though we have many local giving initiatives that we give to through the year, this Easter we are giving to the Good Friday Appeal.

Based in Victoria, many of our customers, family, and friends are often the recipients of the amazing care, research and treatment that come from the Royal Childrens Hospital. This Easter we've pledged $1000 to this great cause. As a small business it's not small change for us, but it's something that is dear to our hearts and touches so many of us. Donate to the Good Friday Appeal here.

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