February New In-Store

The sun is shining bright across the country and the kids just keep on growing, and outgrowing, their gear! We are so excited to have our new Autumn '17 range of unique Oishi-m children's, toddlers and babies clothing in-store to cope with growth spurts as the season's change. We now also stock larger sizes (up to Junior size 3 - Hooray!) in some of our best shoe brands like the Asics, Nike and Native Shoes above, to marry up with our clothing which recently aged up to 7-8yrs. Be sure to use the filters on our website to narrow your search, and find your desired Brand, Style and Size. 

Oishi-m Children's Store, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing, Autumn 17 range 

Pop into Torquay and we'll show you the new range, or shop online 24/7 and we'll ship your new clothes and 'kicks' with a whole lotta love xxx. Featured above is the Flash S/S T Shirt and Jungle Harem Pants, ready to head off on sightseeing adventures with Seedling binoculars. 

Oishi-m Children's Store, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Shoes, Adidas Superstars Sneakers Shoes, Autumn 17 range 

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these floral Adidas Superstars?! There's no laces or velcro to contend with, making for easy on and off footwear for your lil' munchkin on the go. The toe cap and sturdy footbed is sturdy and resilient enough for rough play, taking your child from street to a dressy occasion in one pair of kicks. 

Oishi-m Children's Store, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Shoes, Adidas Sneakers, Autumn 17 range 

We love welcoming customers seeking the perfect pair of sneakers for their munchkins. Get in quick for these sturdy 'back to school' appropriate sneaker styles with velcro closures, including the ever-popular Vans and Adidas Superstars. 

Oishi-m Children's Store, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Shoes, Native Shoes, Autumn 17 range 

Have you ever tried Native Shoes? Time to get on board with these practical and functional shoes. Based out of Canada, Natives are perfect for easy slip on and off, washability and wear. With a cult following, Natives for kids, toddler and infants match back perfectly to Oishi-m clothing, are super practical, waterproof, washable (especially with little accidents), shock absorbent, odour resistant and beasty free. We are pumped to now have availability up to Junior 3 in some colours.

Oishi-m Children's Store Torquay arcade, Kids Children's Babies Toddlers Clothing And Accessories, Telegram Cards, gift cards, Autumn 17 range

Birthday party invitations are coming home in school bags thick n' fast, so come in store to see our divine range of Telegram Cards to suit every celebration. There's plenty of styles for adults to choose from too, so don't forget to pop in and see our range for weddings, parties, and I Love You's (which are for everyday xxx). Need a tried n' true gift idea for a toddler pressie? A new delivery of Playon Crayons have arrived - fabulous kiddy crayons designed to suit the grip of a toddler's hands. Non-toxic, bright and colourful for mini Picasso's (and the perfect activity to buy you a few minutes at the bench while you're making meals!).

Can't wait to see you in our Torquay store in the  Gilbert St arcade, or jump online for our awesome goodies. Call us on (03) 5261 6738 if you need any advice - we'd love to help.