Geelong Business Excellence Awards 2016

Oishi-m is proud to be a part of the 2016 Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

Established in 1986, these Awards recognise organisations that have achieved business excellence in the Geelong region. The Awards are the oldest continuously running and most prestigious business awards programs in Australia, and, as such, provide a significant recognition and celebration of business achievement and performance.

Last night we were awarded Retail Business Award.

We are proud to do business, live and work locally, and love our proximity to home, our community, and the broader region. Whilst we are a Torquay based limited edition children's clothing brand with a flagship store, we reach customers globally through our webstore, showcasing the best of not only our products, but the beautiful locations across the Surf Coast and Geelong region that feature in our photoshoots (check out last month's blog post 'Oishi-m Photoshoot Locations'). 

We celebrate local Australian design and production, local employment, and the intimacy of working within a small business in our community. We produce the opposite of fast throwaway fashion, with garments that are designed for functionality and comfort, and are designed to endure hand-me-downs for each wearer's adventures and play. 

Thank you for being part of our story; past, present and future. Our success comes from your support, and we're chuffed to be recognised by our peers and the GBEA crew on this occasion.

With love,


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