Geelong Mums #sharethejoy

Our good friends at Geelong Mums are today fundraising to secure a second warehouse so they can #sharethejoy to more families in need around Geelong. 

Much like the Oishi-m story of growth, the premises next door to Geelong Mums has come up and they're seizing the opportunity so they can share more of their goodness to our local community.

Geelong Mums Oishi-m donation

Geelong Mums are a dear organisation close to our hears at Oishi-m. Our team have volunteered our time there as well as donating much needed clothing and childrens goods to rehome for local families that face unthinkable disadvantage. In the last 12 months they have supoorted 5,163 babies and children with the essentials they need to stay safe and comfortable. This opportunity will enable them to share the joy further than ever before.

Each donation made today may be multiplied by matching donors. Head on over to their donation page (ends 11.59am Wed 13th Sept) or if you read this after that time visit their regular donation page to make a difference.

If you are considering donating more than $1,000 please contact Geelong Mums on 1300 789 509 to be a matcher donor. 

Oishi-m are proud to be a matcher donor today, donating $2,000 to this worthly team of Angels.

Geelong Mums Oishi-m donation

Share the Joy, always...