Guess the Song competition

It happened, we went to our local 'big smoke' (Geelong) for an Oishi-m Team dinner to sing Karaoke, fuelled with kitsch country chinese food, BYO wine and armed with display folders filled with classic songs.

A $100 Oishi-m Voucher goes to whomever can guess what our finale team song was. 

Note: If more than one person guesses the correct answer one winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries.

Clue: We're singing it above, and  it's a popular sing-along song from the late 1980's. More clues to follow if guidance is required. 

Head on over to our Facebook Page or Instagram Post to Guess. Entries now closed.

Here's a few pics to get you in the mood of the evening...

Doo Doo Pickle Karaoke

Oishi-m Team Karaoke

Doo Doo Pickle Karaoke Banana Fritter

Postscript Thursday evening 27th of August: In all our excitement with so many people guessing the correct answer we accidentally announced the winning song and winners on Instagram a little early. Thanks to everyone who entered apologies for breaking the announcement a little early #wearejustsoexcitedthatpeopleguessedit. The winning song was... Livin' on a Prayer by none other than Bon Jovi. Congratulations to Amy Chiswick from Facebook and @breamlizzie on Instagram.

Doo Doo Pickle Karaoke