Happy Easter from Oishi-m

Happy Easter from Oishi-m! We love everything about this time of year; the shift in seasons, busting out the flannel pj's and uggies, a break from school term, special family time and of course... the EASTER BUNNY!

Our favourite things about Easter are sticky fingers from hot cross buns and melted choccy easter eggs.. We love the delight of egg hunts in pj's and chubby little barefeet making silvery trails on the crisp dewy lawn. Locally, Oishi-m's hometown and coastal hamlet, Torquay, is buzzing with the advent of the Rip Curl Pro event at Bells Beach.

World class athletes, visitors and locals alike all swarm to the natural amphitheatre of the Bells Reserve to watch a gladatorial battle to ring the revered 'bell' trophy. Our region swells with people celebrating a break from school, work, routines; the mornings are crisper with the arrival of Autumn, and the sun is starting to set a little earlier, encouraging our munchkins to snuggle under the doona without (as much) fuss. Check out our new range of Kip & Co bedding, including the glorious Rainbow Cushion to brighten any day. 

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It's a time for thanks and giving too, and this year Oishi-m proudly donated $1,000 to the Good Friday Appeal. Based in Victoria, many of our customers, family, and friends are often the recipients of the amazing care, research and treatment that come from the Royal Childrens Hospital. It's something that is dear to our hearts and touches so many of us; to make your own contribution to this cause, donate here

Oishi-m Easter Donation Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal Against Malaria Foundation

Sharing the love on a world scale, this year we've also donated $1,000 AUD to the Against Malaria Foundation. Our contribution enables Against Malaria Foundation to purchase 301 mosquito nets to prevent the tranmission of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria killed 438,000 people in 2015 including an estimated 306,000 children that year. The Against Malaria Foundation has been recognised by Givewell and Giving What We Can to be some of the most effective causes for donors to make the greatest impact. We're hoping our donation can make a difference to help both our local and global communities.

Other intitatives we support are listed on our responsible business page.

Our online store is always open, and we'd love you to visit our Torquay store during the holiday weekend.

Public Holiday Opening Hours are as follows:

Good Friday 10 - 3pm
Easter Saturday 10 - 3pm
Easter Sunday 10 - 3pm
Easter Monday 10 - 3pm
Anzac Day - 10am - 3pm
Happy Easter little bunnies!