Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the rad dads out there.

Enjoy the sleep-in this morning, the cup of instant coffee (or more fancy version if you are lucky!) and burnt toast in bed... be jubilant about the handmade gifts from kinder or the treasures the kids bought from the Father's Day stall at school... Take delight in the extra snuggles, cuddles, wrestles and smooches that are bestowed upon you today, and yes you are welcome to channel surf all you like, just for today ;)

Our Dads make up half the genetics and craziness that makes us the special people we are. They're the ones we go to when Mum's got us in the bad books, they carry us to bed upside down, they remain enthusiastic when Elsa hair is requested... They're our Lego allies and help us escape into magical lands that are never dictated by what time lunch should be, or aren't fussed as to whether it's appropriate to wear head to toe stripes or triple denim... 

We wouldn't be who we are without our Dads. Happy Fathers Day!

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