Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Oishi-m Mummas out there!

It's not until you become a mumma you can really appreciate all that this day is about. Breakfast and therefore crumbs in the bed, reflections on midnight moments to sooth a troubled cherub, the juggle of parenthood, life and work and that's before we get to the physical war wounds we may carry from becoming miraculous baby makers. What knits it all together and makes it worthwhile is seeing the joy on a little one's face, sharing cuddles (even if you only get a chance when they're sleeping), giggles and being the one they call out to when they're upset (or need to go to the toilet).

Here's a little clip that we couldn't help but share on this day that celebrates and acknowledges the mighty responsibilities that come with motherhood and being a parent. Disclaimer: likelihood of tears.