Oishi-m Backstage Pass

No two days are ever the same at Oishi-m... What's not to love about working somewhere that is every bit as quirky as you'd imagine, with sparkling personalities and a dynamic team of people that always make you smile and inspire you to try new things; whether that be a smoothie bowl from the health food shop, a spicy tea blend instead of an English Breakfast, or inspo to pursue a new hobby that makes you more 'you' (Essential Oil Course, anyone?). We hope you enjoy reading some interesting factoids about life at Oishi-m..

  • Trying to find Blu Tack? No worries, just open any drawer and there’s always a blob ready to go.

  • Tea flavours of the moment: Pukka Three Mint, Revitalise and Twinings Earl Grey

  • We work in advance to create our amazing ranges. We’re currently designing Summer and Hi Summer 17 collections! Our local production in Melbourne also let’s us turn around some items incredibly quickly to maximise opportunities. Did you know… the Ritzy Sweater Dress was a last minute add-in to the range that was turned around in a matter of weeks? It's great to have that much agility in our business.

  • We love naming our products... it's often a group exercise where we get our silly hats on and have fun with creating a theme and brainstorming names that suit each style. Sometimes it flows, and other times we get stumped and have to make another round of cuppa's to get the creativity flowing again :) Some of our fave ever names are: Bon Jutler Tee, Honeybelle Skirt, Franny Schmanny Hoodie, Shmoopie Pie Jean, Scaramouche Tee, MJ Lama Jean, Ripping Tee, Spirit Fingers Tee and AberPunk LS Tee. Our secret nerdy obsession is naming colours too, hence the picture above of the Pantone swatch book - don't you just want to dive in to all that colour?! 

  • We reckon we have the best Posties in Australia! They are a great crew, always up for a yarn about their day and always happy to help us. We love sharing baked goodies with them when we have office parties (a little sweetening never hurt anyone), and we all chip in to help drag our many 'Santa sacks' of express parcels out to the van during new release periods.

  • Staff don’t keep regular office hours, it can depend on what time kinder drop off is, or a school concert, a dentist appointment or school holidays. We just make it work, and respect the flexibility - everyone chips in to help each other out.

  • Some of our Oishi-m yardages are designed in-house and some are designed by local freelance artists. We love supporting local artisans and the uniqueness that this brings to our range of limited edition garments.

  • Our Archive Vault includes one-off samples of all the styles we’ve had made since 2009! To see our back catalogue visit our Pinterest page - it's a great place to fall in love with 'unicorn' styles that you can seek out for your collection.

  • Alvin and Alva are our child bodyforms. One is 12-24mth size, the other 4-5yrs size, and these end up being our flat photography sample sizes for oishi-m.com. We do our fittings on these mannequins to make all the adjustments, as well as product testing on all our kids who provide honest feedback if it doesn't fit!  

  • We have electric height-adjustable desks that enable us to work both standing up or sitting down. We looove packing your orders and wrapping your gifts (and we reckon we're faster now that we stand up too!)

 Do you have any questions you're dying to know about Oishi-m? Let us know whenever you have a burning question, and we will put it on our list to answer for you,

Love Oishi-m x