Oishi-m Celebrations Range Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we have a New Special Collection coming soon!

Stay tuned for the release of a fancier range from us, especially for life's magical moments when you need something a bit more spesh to wear to a party, birthday, wedding, or to celebrate a milestone.

Our first Oishi-m Celebrations collection is just like us, only a bit more fancy, with beautiful fabrics, trims and embellishments to add sparkle to your day. We have had so much fun delving into a different realm of fabrics and you're all invited to our launch online and in-store on the morning of Wednesday 11th October. 

There will be a small collection of new shapes and designs available for both boys and girls. There'll be plenty of time to peruse and get yourselves prepared prior to the release time. 'Shop the Look' will be ready and available to view on the Tuesday night prior to New Release morning, to enable customers to review the range before it goes live later that morning. 

For those of you looking for your fave, playful Oishi-m pieces there's a High Summer range coming late October.

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Love Oishi-m xxx