Oishi-m Favourite Instagrams of December!

We love all the bubba's! But oh how we coo when we see toddlers in our gear like this month's winner, on the top left, @greenlauren107! Have blanky, will travel ;)

Check out some of our favourite Instagram posts from December '18. Clockwise from top left: @greenlauren107 (this month's gorgeous winner), @dirtanddragons, @charlieandthesea, @jedschildhood, and @dirt_and_rainbows with a pic of the kids being kings of the castle!

Oishi-m Favourite Customer Instagrams of December, monthly customer competition, Oishi-m community, Instagram followers and fans

Here's some more of our favourite Insta posts from the final month of 2018. Clockwise from top left: @natalie.india, @fivelittlebirds, @the_hollytree, @brooksila, @little_kids_big_world, @frankanddollys, @catchyoulateralligator and the beautiful Pot Pourri Pinafore Dress on @xlh2003 as she picks pink blooms.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics of childhood magic, in our monthly celebration of the Oishi-m community - these little windows into your world bring us so much joy, and all who view them. Happy exploring during this awesome time of year, while school and kinder is still out, and the sun is shining bright.

Happy New Year everyone!