Oishi-m Favourite Instagrams of November!

You know that feeling when you are just so happy you could squeal?! That's how this month's cache of photos makes us feel, full of the brightest, happiest, effervescent kids. None look happier with themselves at the park than this month's winning entry on the top right, @mellicoop! Why wouldn't you be stoked with the enormous feat of 'summiting' a mighty big slab o' rock?!

Check out some of our favourite Instagram posts from November '18. Clockwise from top left: @party_of_five, @davidgreenphoto (Oishi-m's own photographer, Dave Green's newborn daughter!), this month's gorgeous winner @mellicoop, @evlinrose, and @greenlauren107's pic of the kids in fits of glorious laughter!

We want to thank everyone for being part of our monthly celebration of the Oishi-m community - your shared snaps are always so lovely... so keep getting out and about with your mini folk, and let kids be kids as they explore the world around them. There's nothing better than seeing our own brand of funky unique cool baby kids, toddlers and children's clothing, on our favourite people in the world.

kids influencers, social media photos of kids, instagram pics of kids in Oishi-m, Oishi-m favourite instagrams of November The image above features even more images that evoke even more of the best of childhood magic... 

Clockwise from top left: @home_alone_with_kids, @pineappleandgrape, @ckonsol, @jessiemets, @tracy_ann_tabor, @brooksila, @sherren3e and @dirtanddragons with her boys all decked out in Oishi-m...

Thanks for showing us your world, in all it's magical, memorable, wondrousness. We hope you enjoy the lead up to christmas with all the social gatherings, get togethers and celebrations that bring communities together.