Oishi-m Featured on Offspring!

We're beyond excited to be part of Channel Ten's Offspring show again, now in it's 7th Season!

This season Oishi-m was again invited to dress Zoe Proudman Reid (played by Isabella Monaghan), daughter of main character Nina Proudman (played by Asher Keddie).

Offspring Zoe Proudman Nina Proudman Isabella Monoghan Channel 10 Ten childrens fashion Melbourne

Since Season 5, Zoe has grown up from a baby to a busy little girl. Busting out an entire wardrobe of Winter, Winter Break, Spring 17 (and beyond) garments and some of our cool little footwear styles, the Melbourne made cult TV show couldn't have been a better fit with our clothing. We might have even created some one-off Oishi-m garment's, just for little Zoe ;) Keep your eyes peeled throughout the weekly episodes for the styles we sent to Channel 10, including the Bursting Blooms LS T Shirt and Weekend Away Skirt shown above.

Offspring Zoe Proudman Nina Proudman, Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart, Fitzroy North, Isabella Monoghan Channel 10 Ten childrens fashion Melbourne

The multi-award winning drama is addictive, as viewers witness the most hilarious, messy, unpredictable and deeply moving moments in the lives of Nina Proudman and her family. We got all the Oishi-m girls together for wine and cheese platters (and some decadent cake) to celebrate the return of our fave show; we're hoping for more love, romance and chaos that often relates to our own modern lives. You can imagine our excitement seeing promo shots of Zoe wearing our Sunday Stroll Pinafore Dress and Spotacular T Shirt across their social media sites. We're so excited to be the fashion choice for Zoe in Channel Ten's Offspring show.

Offspring Zoe Proudman Nina Proudman Isabella Monoghan Channel 10 Ten childrens fashion Melbourne

Visit Channel Ten's Offspring page here. Offspring aired on Channel Ten from Wednesday 28th June, and will be on every Wednesday night for the duration of the season, featuring delights like this Botany Sweater Dress. This is the night to make sure the kids are tucked into bed early, the dishes are done and lunchboxes and school bags prepped, so you can snuggle up on the couch with a cuppa and treats for your fave show!

To shop the pieces that were part of Zoe's wardrobe check out our As Seen in Offspring page.