Oishi-m Hi Summer '18 - Behind The Scenes at Torquay Flower Farm

What a stunning place to shoot our latest range of Hi Summer beauties! 

With farms located in Torquay on Victoria’s Surf Coast, the Santospirito's are a 3rd generation family business with over 50 years experience in the flower industry. We were so lucky to have our request accepted to shoot our Hi Summer campaign in their fields of glorious blooms, on a sunny day with our munchkins dressed in colour to boot!

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We believe in magic, and this place is quite possibly where secret potions are made from petals and blooms of a thousand shades. With a gentle breeze blowing across acres of farmland, every individual stem seemed to be dancing in the air, singing to each other in harmony and talking in whispered tones.  

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Wholesale flower growers and suppliers of fresh cut flowers and foliage to the flower industry, it's a little slice of heaven to be amongst such a vast array of flowers. Farmgate SS T shirt is worn under the Tai Chi Pinafore Dress, while Portside SS T Shirt plays hide n seek, and Seagull Crew Jumper leaps our from behind the hedge.

petals, flowers, Isosceles SS Splice T Shirt, Tai Chi Pinafore Dress, Portside SS T Shirt, Oishi-m Hi Summer '18  Behind The Scenes, new range release, Torquay Flower FarmIn bloom at the time of our shoot were ranunculi in every shade of yellow, red, pink, white and orange. During still moments you could sometimes imagine the kids were planted amongst the rows of prolific blooms, as they were camouflaged in chaotic colour like little garden gnomes. Isosceles SS Splice T Shirt on his own program, tossing his collection of petals to the wind.

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Even the tractor got a corsage on it's side, and scattered pot pourri on it's bonnet :) Tai Chi Pinafore Dress looks angelic in the driver's seat.

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Acres and acres of rolling paddocks gave us a great sense of freedom, in a place that we've always driven past but never explored... 

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So many magical and heartwarming moments... budding florist Blue Heaven SS Splice T Shirt shares his handpicked gift...

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...as Palm Beach SS T Shirt and Tai Chi Pinafore Dress presented their mum with a posy, and Frankie Frilly Top collected basketsful of beauties to take home and share. 

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In contrast to the pinks, oranges, yellows and foliage green, the Chicago SS T Shirt is as fresh as the countryside and warming sunshine.

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One big family, there's always a crew of big people on board at an Oishi-m to lift, guide, hold, and change outfits for the little ones. 

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The calming effect on all of us was palpable as our usually marauding munchkins settled into a chilled out zone and picked their take-home posies. Portside SS T Shirt chose mummy's favourite colour and got some extra special cuddles as thanks. 

bunches of flowers, Seagull Crew Jumper, Torquay Flower Farm, Oishi-m Hi Summer '18 Behind The Scenes, kids photoshoot

Flowers for da-a-zzzze... Seagull Crew Jumper and Happy Hour Skinny Short picked a bunch taller than himself.  

support staff at photoshoot, mums at work, babies kids children and mums, Oishi-m staff, Oishi-m Hi Summer '18 Behind The Scenes

tractor, field of flowers, Oishi-m Hi Summer '18 Behind The Scenese, support staff, bloopers with kids

High fives, we got the job done! What an awesome day - we hope you can feel the magic.

Head on over to oishi-m.com now to see the Hi Summer '18 range, or if you're close by, pop into our Torquay store to get your hands on these new goodies, or call us on (03) 5261 6738 if you have any questions.