Oishi-m is Now Shipping With Compostable Bags!

We can all make better, greener choices for the good of the planet.

In line with our charter to constantly become a more responsible business, Oishi-m is proud to announce that we are now shipping all Australian and NZ orders using our new Compost Packs from The Better Packaging Co. As an independent Australian children's brand, we are always on the look out for ways to improve our processes, systems and accountabilities.

We are now shipping our daily Express Post and our New Zealand deliveries using these environmentally friendly compostable satchels, made from plants. From our unique and cherished clothing to the communities we nurture, we believe our business can be a force for good as we continue to make better choices for the way we operate our business.

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Your next Oishi-m order will arrive in one of these 'dirt bags' (we looove this play on words!). Have a really good look and even have a smell (we reckon they smell like waffles or creme brulee!), before popping it into your home compost bin with your food waste - the worms will be eating your satchel for breakfast, and before too long you'll be growing more plants! All the info is on the packaging, which is made from sustainably-sourced plants that are a naturally renewable resource. Or, check out @betterpackagingco for loads of re-use ideas. 

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As a certified B Corp business, we aim to think beyond the normal filter of business management, and think about and act on the bigger picture of the world we live in and the impacts that we can make as individuals and business. We are very excited to be sharing this evolution with our community.

For more info on our responsible business head on over to our Responsible Business Page.