Oishi-m September New In-Store!

Hello Sunshine, we are ready for your warmth... Layers are being stripped off as we emerge from a long winter season in our home state of Victoria, and oh-how-glorious it feels to step out into the day sans snow gear! The days are getting a little longer now and you might find your little one's have outgrown last season's footwear, hats and clothing...

Scroll on down to see our huge new range of footwear that makes Oishi-m the destination for children's footwear on the Surfcoast and beyond. New deliveries from Adidas and Native Shoes have landed, and what better timing than now to update the wardrobes for your babies, toddlers and children? We can't wait to welcome you into our beautiful children's boutique, where you will discover our own range of Australian designed garments displayed amongst the best range of kids shoes, toys, bedding and keepsakes.

This month we've also received new stock from Acorn hats, as well as Kewpie dolls, tech free games and activities including Knitting Dolls, Retro Paper Dolls and Snakes & Ladders board games. Come in to see our adorable Belonil Dolls complete with accessories from Melbourne brand, Pretty Wild, including baby doll clothes and moses baskets with Liberty of London fabric sheets and pillows... wow. 

sun hats for kids babies toddlers, wide brim hats for kids, Acorn kids babies toddlers hats, Oishi-m children's store Torquay Victoria

Hooray, the sun's out! Time to update your sun hat now, we've got babies, toddler's and kids sizes for every little munchkin, from one of our fave headwear brand's, Acorn. Whether you need to fit an infant or a tweenie, the elasticated toggle around the head helps ensure the perfect fit, and the patterns and prints are sure to please.

Herschel Supply Co Backpack kids bag, kinder daycare sleepover sports bag, Oishi-m September New In-Store, Torquay kids shop, fast express shipping

Time to upgrade your kids' bags? Herschel Supply Co offer rad backpacks for kids, with just the right amount of space for a lunchbox, change of clothes and a bottle oh H20. Little kids, babies and toddlers are always on the go, whether it's daycare, kinder, the park, or on a plane, encouraging them to look after their own things is a great lesson in life. 

Adidas Superstar Gazelle kids sneakers, cool kids shoes and sneakers, Oishi-m store Torquay, kids runners, best kids shoes, fast shipping

Superstar Gazelle Adidas kids sneakers runners shoes, cool kids and toddlers sneakers shoes runners, Oishi-m kids store shop Torquay

Looking for the coolest kids shoes, to match back to any outfit and offer practicality, support and classic styling? Pick up a pair of Adidas sneakers with a fitting in-store, or take advantage of our fast express shipping to receive these kicks in record time! Just in: Superstar White/Black for toddlers, and Gazelle's in toddlers and kids sizes.

belonil dolls, cane moses basket, Pretty Wild dolls clothes, hair bows accessories, liberty of london fabric, baby doll toy, Oishi-m shop Torquay, best toys for kids

The stuff of childhood dreams, these memory-making items are the talk of the town. Baby Belonil Dolls are here, with accompanying dress up's from Pretty Wild Kids in Liberty of London fabrics (if only they were made in adult's sizes!). ...and children can play matchy matchy with their baby dolls, in a range of Liberty printed Belle Bows.  

baby dolls, beautiful toys for kids, Pretty Wild baby dolls clothes, dresses for dolls, lifelike dolls, Pretty Wild Dresses for Dolls, made in Australia, Liberty of London Fabric, moses basket

We are so excited to receive a delivery of brand new products to delight the tiniest of children, and their caregivers equally. Belonil dolls teach children to accept difference and diversity in families. The dolls are made in Spain from flexible phthalate free PVC, are anatomically correct, have articulated limbs and beautiful features. We have limited stock of the Pretty Wild moses baskets, which come complete with a plush mattress and pea cushion and Liberty of London sheet and pillow. It's worth popping in now to start your christmas shopping, as stocks won't last ;)

native shoes, kids natives shoes, waterproof summer shoes, kids rubber shoes beach daycare, Oishi-m Store Torquay, fast shipping

Native Shoes are based out of Canada, and one of our favourite brands because they save you time and relieve the hassle of getting shoes on and off! Natives are the perfect slip on's (encourage independence so kids can do it themselves), and they're great for wash and wear.

With a cult following, these kids, toddler and infants shoes match back perfectly to Oishi-m clothing in an array of colours (and a healthy dose of glitter on some styles), are super practical, waterproof, washable (especially with little accidents), shock absorbent, odour resistant and beasty free. These shoes literally walk out the door, so don't leave your run too late.

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Our shop is home to many different shapes, sizes and colours of Kewpie dolls, which were origially conceived as comic strip characters but now reside firmly as one of the most poular toys of all time. Did you know that the time capsule at the 1939 New York World's Fair contained a Kewpie doll? A visit to our incredible children's shop on the Surf Coast of Victoria can take you on a trip down memory lane as you discover a collection of non-tech toys and activities like Retro Paper Dolls, Knitting Dolls, old school board games like Snakes & Ladders, and wooden abacus's for quality and educational play time.

Can't see something online? Call us on (03) 5261 6738 to arrange shipping of your fave goodies. If you can't pop in personally, you can shop online 24/7 and we'll pack and ship your goodies pronto ;) Don’t forget we offer a free gift wrapping service with a personalised gift card, and can ship directly to your special little someone - xx -