Oishi-m Summer '18 Just Launched!

Welcome to 'Summer Tales'... a beautiful collection of Oishi-m Summer 2018 clothes for skinny mini's and chubba bubba's, that celebrates the freshness of the season and the way we live, move, and experience the world around us...

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Set amongst a myriad of plant life, the Oishi-m munchkins were let loose on Anglesea’s famed McGain’s Nursery. Our children were free to explore, and our product shone, in this incredible café that occupies a conservatory-like space with a vine-covered pergola.

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The combination of indoor and outdoor areas, abundant greenery and plant life provided a unique setting for an equally unique Australian kids, babies and toddlers brand that also calls Victoria’s Surf Coast home. Dance With Me Flouncy Dress sets a serene scene above, while Bird of Paradise SS T Shirt and World So High Slouchy Pant totters around in his own lil' world amongst lavender and potted colour...

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Within this tranquil and harmonious setting, the kids ate their way through a veritable farmer’s market of produce. They filled their wicker baskets and wares with organic delights like oranges, grapefruits, turnips and persimmons... Azure Sky Hoodie and Piles of Tiles Short hit the citrus jackpot :)

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Filled with an array of gorgeous plants and flowers to plant in the garden, plus a green grocer with all the freshest fruit n' veg, this place has it all! And with appetites as big as a baby t-rex, we're happy to let the kids do the meal planning when they make choices this good ;) We spy you Flower Press Crew Jumper, telling tales of kale, with Cumulus Pullover above...

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We smelled the scents of summer, the fresh smells of incredible produce and freshly watered plants...

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...before gobbling up juicy strawberries like the bright and beautiful Ever After SS T Shirt (above), and the 'softly spoken' duck egg blue Quiet Sundae Hoodie (this pic left).

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Bathed in morning sunshine beneath hanging macrame pot plants, glossy sanseveria plants and a jungalow of fronds and palms, the munchkins slurped bubbacino’s and ate sugar-dusted marshmallows without a care in the world. We adore these moments in life, when time seems to stand still and your story is written in the joy of simplicity... 

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Vintage tea cups and saucer, the most beautiful setting for this cherub in angelic light. Like a sweet gentle breeze our Zephyr Shortsleeve T Shirt is soft and dainty. With a pretty pink base and floating weightless leaves all over, there's a delicateness to this style that calms the mind... Delightful ditsy floral neck binding on our envelope neck shape makes life so easy to get little one's dressed. Cool mint marle picot stripe frilly sleeves complete the look of this gentle style.

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The greenhouse created a backdrop to our garments' colours and set the perfect tone for balmy summer days with waterlilies and a fountain adding to the sensory tales of Oishi-m in the summertime. Abracadafrica Legging is almost camouflaged in this environment, celebrating the bird of paradise plant that originated in Africa. Check out the bright orange, blue and indigo leafy floral artwork on the Bird Of Paradise SS T Shirt above.

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Our new flouncy, easy to wear dress is designed for the magic in everyday moments. A combination of cotton chambray with blush pink sashiko printed daisy panels and sleeves makes up the Dance With Me Flouncy Dress. Design features include a full skirt with inverted pleats and underlay hem, light gathering details, and elasticated neckline for easy dressing. The raglan sleeves are elbow length with peplum gathered cuffs. 

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Cumulus Pullover looking cheeky as a turnip, as he heads straight outside to join in on the puddle-jumping with little mini, after the early morning watering left too much fun to be ignored... kids clothes, quirky comfortable unique limited edition childrens clothing, Aussie made, Australian made kids clothes, babies toddlers infants childrens track pants t shirts tees, Ever After Shortsleeve T Shirts, Vintage Charm Slouchy Pant, fast express shipping, Vans kids sneakers shoes

Vintage Charm Slouchy Pant and Ever After SS T Shirt - the perfect combo for stomping in puddles and exploring new places in comfort. Feel the enchantment, with beautiful miniature rosebuds blooming from the side panels of these stretchy midweight pants, ideal for cooler days and active kids. The Tummy Toastie waistband is the colour of pink icing, and the legs are blue marle with flecks of fruit tingle colours within the fabric - we love them!

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A cacophany of colour makes us who we are! A trip to the Oishi-m store is a feast for the senses, with Summer dishing up crisp cool blues, ombre rainbow stripes, birds of paradise, pink hibiscus, polka dots, blooming flowers, and urban shades like clay and clover. 

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We've got something for everyone. From deep water tie dye blues to a rich rainbow print in primary colours, birds of paradise, green and navy sonic waves, hibiscus print, sweet fluttery leaves, spectacular ombre rainbow, tissue-paper-bleed flower press yardage, and the subtleness of a ditsy meadow floral...

Margarita Midi Skirt, Oishi-m Summer '18 Release Launch New Range, girls tropical floral skirt, elastic Tummy Toastie waistband, bright beautiful unique comfortable durable kids girls clothes clothing skirts, girls midi length skirt

Tart, zingy and satisfying like an icy summer drink, our latest Margarita Midi Skirt has all the colours and style of a tropical getaway. Made from 100% cotton poplin, this floral printed skirt splashes exotic, citrusy colours and layers of fronds and foliage.

Piles of Tiles Short, kids denim shorts, made in Australia, Australian owned designed made kids wear clothes denim pants shorts, Oishi-m cute funky clothes for boys girls infants kids children toddlers, Pot Of Gold Shortsleeve T Shirt Tee, rainbow stripe unisex tee

Famous for hardwearing denim garments, our award-winning brand is renowned for standing up to the test of childhood. Built for comfort and practicality (plus puddle jumping, slide-slipping, and the rambunctious wrestling life of a child), the Piles of Tiles Short will keep your munchkin comfy all day long. Team them up with our spectacular, unisex, Pot of Gold Shortsleeve T Shirt for smiles all round.

Sonic Shortsleeve Splice T Shirt Tee, green and blue boys tee top, Beachcomber Harem Pant, Quiet Sundae Hoodie girls jumper with hood, Aussie made kids clothes, cool funky childrens brand clothing, Oishi-m Torquay babies childrens toddlers infants, fast express shipping, Summer '18 release launch, Room For Dessert LeggingSonic Shortsleeve Splice T Shirt gives his sound waves print tee the thumbs up, while wearing the Beachcomber Harem Pant with monstera leaves and tonal foliage. 

Triton Shortsleeve T Shirt Tee, boys girls unisex blue tie dye tee t shirt, Australian made kids clothes, Made in Melbourne Australia childrens clothing, Oishi-m Torquay, Uninhabited Short

Look at the grit and determination in that face! Triton Shortsleeve T Shirt  and Uninhabited Short is a strong little pumpkin eater, as unique as the deep blue tie dye tee he wears. 

Surprise Me Shortsleeve Splice T Shirt Tee, rainbow t shirt for kids infants babies toddlers children, made in australia kids clothes, Oishi-m SUmmer '18 launch collection range

Don't you just love the feeling when something unexpected and fun happens?! Our Surprise Me Shortsleeve Splice T Shirt  is all about your inner glow... Made from electrifying ombre rainbow colours, this style has aqua neck binding and a polka dot spliced panel and sleeve, for every mandarin-munching lil' ray of sunshine.

girly pink tee with ruffled sleeves, picot trim cuffs, pretty girls clothes, Oishi-m funky unique practical clothes for babies toddlers kids infants girls, Australian made, made in Melbourne Australia, Zephyr SS T Shirt, Table For Two SkirtZephyr Shortsleeve T Shirt and Table For Two Skirt  takes her pick of the sweetest fruits. Summer is here and it's ripe for the picking...

We hope you're enjoying this collection, and we'd love to hear your tales of summer too. See you at our new Torquay store or head on over to oishi-m.com now - we're standing by ready to pack your orders and you can always call us on (03) 5261 6738 to ask any questions.