Oishi-m Supporting Jeans For Genes

We have proudly donated $1000 to this year’s Jeans for Genes. This Friday 5th of August is 'Jeans for Genes Day'. Get your triple denim on to raise funding for the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI). 

CMRI is dedicated to finding ways to treat or prevent childhood cancer, epilepsy, birth defects and genetic diseases in order to create brighter futures for all children including those who are with us today & those yet to come in to this world.

Many major advances in children’s health have resulted from medical research including the demise of previously fatal illness like polio, smallpox & diphtheria so, together, we really can make a difference & give kids around the world the opportunity for a healthy start to life.

We're very proud to be involved in this national event aimed at supporting the work of CMRI who tirelessly research into genetic defects & childhood diseases in order to give kids around the world a better chance of a healthy, happy future!

If you would also like to donate, visit our fundraiser page to make a donation online.