Oishi-m's Back Catalogue on Pinterest

Whether you're new to Oishi-m, or have been part of our amazing community for years, there's a common thread amongst our beautiful customers to learn more, and see more, of our special brand. If you have an insatiable appetite for our quirky, unique, limited edition Australian children's clothing, we know the perfect place that you can immerse yourself in all that our brand has ever produced.

Explore the ultimate back catalogue of Oishi-m clothing by clicking through to our Pinterest page... 

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Everything is arranged in easy to navigate folders by product category, so you can wander through all the Hoodies, then check out the divine range of Skirts, and spy some 'take your breath away' beauties in the T Shirt category...

While you're there you can check out some of our best boards - where we've shared the love with cool ideas for party food, cubby ideas, crafts, party food and beautiful bedroom ideas for munchkins. Think of it as a mama and papa friendly zone, where it's like if we met up for a play at the park with our kids, this is what we might talk about together as we navigate parenting and life hacks with the busy little people in our world.

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Spot your favourite LS T Shirt?! We can't go past Flossy Pie for an all-time fave girl's style, and who had the Cmon Pickle or Speigel LS Tee back in the day? We looove imagining these styles still getting around in playgrounds across Oz, handed down from child to child and lovingly cared for in each household. 

Long live your all-time fave's! We'd love to hear what your most coveted or long-wished-for-items are, and send our wishes to the angels to help you one day track down your 'unicorns' to enjoy on your children...

Viva La Oishi-m!