Season's Greetings from Oishi-m

Sending you all our love for a very Merry Christmas!

School and kinder has been out for a week or more, you've attended more social gatherings, break up parties, and fun-filled (later than planned) christmas parties...'Tis the night before christmas. The kids have been spinning all day long, giddy with excitement and cross-checking their recent naughty or nice behaviour. They all hope that the big man in red will deliver presents through the night; the scene will soon be set for the morning. 

It's a very special night for parents to reflect on the year that was, the highs and lows, and the milestones that occured in the lives of their families. We hope you can take a moment for yourself tonight to revel in the wonder and excitement that lives in young children, 'cos this is where the magic happens...

A very merry christmas to you all!