Summer Holiday Ideas

After the craziness and busy social schedule of Christmas and New Year, families are enjoying the slower metronome and pace of the Aussie summer holidays. 

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What is your family doing this January? If you're a bit like us, and possibly juggling children with family and friends, or still on a full holiday break, it's always good to share some tips on what to do with munchkins. With two weeks to go until school and kinder starts again, here's our ideas for holiday fun and entertaining the kids over the summer holidays.

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If you're lucky enough to live, or be on holidays, by the beach - there's so much fun to be had. Take a walk along the beach, scan the shoreline for shells, seaweed and mermaid tails. Play beach cricket, throw a frisbee, and have sandcastle-making competitions... the list is endless for activities that make memories for a lifetime. If you're staying on the coast for a while, you could enrol the kids in Vicswim, Nippers or Surf Groms to improve their swimming and ocean skills

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In Oishi-m's hometown of Torquay, families play on the protected beaches like Cosy Corner or Fisho's, while the more experienced go surfing at nearby Jan Juc or tackle the bigger swells of Bells Beach. 

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Have playdates with friends, make your own icy poles or frozen acai bowls, set up a slip n' slide on the lawn and put the sprinkler under the trampoline for some free fun! Go on a bike riding adventure with a picnic in your backpack, or visit a different skate park with your scooter or skateboard and learn some new tricks from the big kids. These kids are enjoying a stroll and learning about nature along the famous Surf Coast Walk

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Visit someone who lives on a farm, and have a ball being a Junior Farmer! Help with a harvest, pick some fruit and veg, learn where our food comes from, and feel the sunshine on your skin that helps everything ripen - before you know it, you'll be growing taller too!

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After all that physical activity, treat 'em to a visit to a Pick Your Own Berry Farm. Every child enjoys the treasure hunt of finding ripe ones to pick, and eat as many as you pop in the bucket ;) Take 'em home and enjoy them dunked in a bubbacino, or make recipes like sorbet, choc-dipped or good ol' strawberries and ice cream!  

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Encourage some tech-free time and chill out when the kids need a break from the beach or park. Bust out the boardgames, feel the buzz of a competitive family challenge, and learn new card games. 

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And when you're heading home on a long drive and looking for some stories or interesting things to listen to that stoke your curiosity, there's a whole world of podcasts out there. 

The new version of storytelling these days is audiobooks and podcasts, and there is a pandora's box of options to get stuck into. Pop in the earbuds or grab a set of headphones, and prepare to be transported to another world.

Here's some podcasts to download for your kids:

Short and Curly (ABC) - an interesting conversational podcast exploring Ethics and the big questions like; How to make the best kind of friends, When is it ok to dob on someone, Should we ban lollies, Do you have to love your siblings...  

Wow in the world (NPR) - perfect for toddlers to kids, this podcast takes curious kids inside your brain, out into space and deep into science, tech and innovation. Told with incredulouness, through the eyes of curious learning and expressed in a beautifuly animated, energetic, exciting, easy to understand story for kids. Opens your mind to how education can be fun and packaged in an entertaining way.

Brains On (American Public Media) - a podcast that explains what boogers are, what makes paint stick, what's in water and other interesting science facts all packaged in a fun and entertaining podcast.

Fierce Girls (more for the older kids 5+, ABC). 15min stories of incredible women from spies, scientists, athletes and adventurers, narrated by some of Australia’s own incredible women... from learning about Edith Cowan who features on our $50 Australian note, to Cathy Freeman's story. 

Here's some for mums and dads:

Hello Bump and This Glorious Mess (Mamamia) - Both podcasts by the Mamamia network for those in the dark depths of parenthood. We love the honest and funny stories these guys share of the hilarious adventures that embody us as we become Mummies and Daddies.

Bang on (ABC) - What Miff Warhurst and Zan Rowe (legends from the ABC) are banging on about in art, music, life and stuff. 

If you've never done it before, here's a rundown on how to download podcasts:

Those new to Podcasts: Find the podcast app on your smartphone/ipod/ipad (if it’s not there already you’ll find it in the app store). Within the podcast app, search for what you’re looking for to download them for free. You can download individual episodes or subscribe to them if you love what you’re hearing. 

From the Oishi-m team x