Thanks for Coming!

Thanks for coming along to our mega Samples and Seconds Event over the weekend. We're only just recovering from it! 

We had customers visit from as far as; Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Tassie and all over Victoria for our sale at Torquay College.

Whilst it was snowing in Lorne... some of our keenest were waiting in the queue from as early as 4:30am in the 3 degree temp dreaming of what sort of samples they might snaffle up when the doors opened. 

Samples and Seconds 2016 Oishi-m Torquay College

With a clapping reception from Team Oishi-m and Miann & Co, our customers raced through the doors with Ikea bags searching for some never-seen-before samples and seconds. Our customers were grabbing armfuls of products to then later sit and sift and mull over before making their final decision of their stash. Twenty minutes went by before the first transaction made it through our registers.

We had pregnant ladies that are due next week, newly born babies cradled in loving arms, husbands that were sent on missions to collect their shopping lists, to our beloved 91 year old customer from the local retirement village that was busily sifting through our sale tubs as energetically as the rest of us.

Samples and Seconds 2016 Oishi-m Torquay College

Thanks everyone for all your patience as our snaking queues kept getting longer as the morning progressed. No matter what improvements we made to our efficiencies, the customers just keep coming and buying more! #greatproblemstohave. Some made friends, others got to have a good catch up.  It was such a great opportunity to meet so many of our remarkable customers. 

To view more images of our Samples and Seconds visit our Facebook Page.

A resounding success, we're trying to take it easy over the school holidays before it all ramps up again for Spring release, due to hit in a few weeks... 

Samples and Seconds 2016 Oishi-m Torquay College