Winter 15 Release Day!

Our much anticipated Winter 15 collection has launched! Packed full of bursts of colour, there's some cooler weather clothing for all munchkins. Being the first collection to be released exclusively through Oishi-m Torquay store and we've added in a few nice surprises. 

After a successful launch in Autumn 15 the 6-12 month size is now a staple sizing in our tops replacing our older 6-9mth and 9-12mth sizing. 

We've also reviewed our pricing and have reduced the price points of track pants to $49.95 for smalls and $59.95 for bigs. Skirts across the board have also been updated to a more competitive $59.95 price. A remarkable feat considering our local production roots.

The stand out products from this collection include both the Everly Jacket with colour popping 3D powder puffs and the Oracle Jacket with teddy bear fur lining and plenty more for you to discover.

Hope you like this range of colour explosion as much as we do, can't wait to see your munchkins busting it out.

Main image above. The giggly Fun Day Crew Jumper and Howling Shrug.

Winter 15 release

The gorgeous Everly Jacket holding hands with Aiko Dress over the Creatish Longsleeve T Shirt.

Oishi-m Winter 15

Splendidly beautiful Aiko Dress over the Creatish Longsleeve T Shirt.

Oishi-m Winter 15

Cheeky Oracle Jacket with Humanoid Legging.

Winter 15 Oishi-m

The smiling Cup Cake Longsleeve Pocket T Shirt.

Oishi-m Winter 15

The bot bot of a Doppleganga Chubba Jean.

Oishi-m Winter 15 Foresty Longsleeve Pocket T Shirt

The very outdoorsy Foresty LS Pocket T Shirt.

 Oishi-m Winter 15

Balancing with the Heirloom Crew Jumper with the This is It Track Pant - Big.

Oishi-m Winter 15